Valentina Jelincic

Valentina completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology in Zagreb Croatia, and assisted BoSCA Lab while studying towards a master degree in Neuro-cognitive Psychology at LMU. Valentina formed part of the BoSCA Lab from the summer 2016 to the autumn of 2017. During this time, she conducted her masters project with the lab, on the topic "Neurophysiological correlates of emotional conflict resolution". In September 2017 Valentina started her PhD at the KU Leuven.


Charline Peylo

Following her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Charline joined the LMU community in 2015 as a Master student in the international program on "Neuro-Cognitive Psychology". Charline was part of BoSCA Lab from the spring of 2016 until the autumn of 2017, a time in which she supported the Lab as a research assistant responsible for setting up the new lab facilities and assisting Prof. Dr. Schütz-Bosbach in her teaching activities. Her research interest focuses on neural oscillations in support of general and socio-psychological functioning which she will be pursuing with a PhD position at LMU from the autumn of 2017 onwards.


Ondrej Havlicek

Ondrej Havlicek has been interested in topics between cognitive sciences and philosophy of mind, such as intentional action, consciousness, metacognition, or predictive processing. His PhD thesis concerned the sense of agency and and his work at BoSCA Lab until the end of 2017 continued this line of interest. Ondrej has now moved to Prague where he works as a data analyst.